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Shipping Containers For Sale in Pasadena, TX

Buy a shipping container in Pasadena today!

Explore all of the options to buy or rent storage containers across the state of Texas.

20' shipping containers

13 available near Pasadena, TX

20 foot storage containers

Size: 20′ storage container

Weight: Approximately 5,010 pounds 

Length: 20 ft

Width: 250

Height: 129

Condition: Used & new both available

Rear Door: Swing 

Floor: Steel/Wood

17 available near Pasadena, TX

10 foot shipping containers


Size: 10′ shipping container

Length: 10 feet

Width: 250

Weight: Approximately 2,670 pounds 

Height: 247

Condition: Used & new are both available

Rear Door: Swing 

Flooring: Steel and Wood available

40' shipping containers

30+ available near Pasadena, TX

40 foot shipping containers for sale

Size: 40′ storage container

Weight: Approximately 8,270 pounds 

Length: 40 foot

Width: 270

Height: 127

Condition: Used & new both available

Rear Door: Swing

Floor: Wood/Steel

24 foot storage container

3 available near Pasadena, TX

24 foot shipping containers

Size: 24′ shipping container

Weight: Approximately 5,025 pounds 

Length: 24 ft

Width: 250

Height: 189

Condition: Used & new both available

Rear Door: Swing 

Floor: Wood

8 available near Pasadena, TX

53 foot storage containers

Size: 53′ shipping container

Weight: Approximately 10,000 pounds 

Length: 53 feet long

Height: 214

Width: 400

Condition: Used & new both available

Rear Door: Swing 

Flooring: Wood/Steel

9 available near Pasadena, TX

Buy 45 foot shipping containers

Size: 45′ storage container

Weight: Approximately 9,000 pounds 

Length: 45 feet

Width: 400

Height: 86

Condition: Used & new both available

Rear Door: Swing 

Flooring: Wood 

Customer Review

FAQ for Pasadena shipping container sales

It’s simple. Enter your details on our website, and we’ll connect you with trusted quality shipping container sellers in Pasadena, Texas. They will reach out to you with offers, allowing you to choose the best one.

The types of cargo containers available typically include standard sizes—20 and 40 feet—along with options for customization based on specific needs. From new and used to specialized modifications, sellers in the Harris county area can cater to various requirements.

Prices in Texas vary based on container size, condition, and any custom features. Fill out our quote form for detailed pricing based on your specific requirements and see what local suppliers can offer you.

It depends on the supplier, but you can likely check out exact photos/videos of the container and if you’re close enough to the supplier, it may be worth a visit.

You can arrange to inspect the steel storage container for quality and suitability. We recommend doing this especially if you opt for a used container.

Yes! Most sellers offer delivery options to your specified location within Pasadena or the broader Texas area. Ensure to discuss delivery terms and any associated costs when you’re contacted by the sellers.

Permit requirements vary depending on the intended use and location. We advise checking with the local Pasadena or Harris county authorities to understand the specific regulations in your area.

Enter your details on our website. Be ready to specify your needs such as size, condition, and any modifications you might want. After submission, sellers from Pasadena, Texas will contact you with their best offers. You can have the option to rent a steel shipping container/conex box to use it as portable storage or buy it outright.


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