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Shipping Containers For Sale in Sugar Land, TX

Buy shipping containers in Sugar Land today!

Check out multiple suppliers to buy or rent storage containers across the state of Texas.

53 foot shipping containers

Size: 53′ shipping container

Weight: Approximately 10,000 pounds 

Length: 53 feet

Width: 400

Height: 214

Condition: Used & new both available

Rear Door: Swing 

Flooring: Wood/Steel

6 available near Sugar Land, TX

40 foot shipping containers for sale

Size: 40′ storage containers

Weight: Approximately ~8,270 pounds 

Length: 40 foot

Width: 270

Height: 127

Condition: Used & new both available

Rear Door: Swing

Floor: Wood/Steel

40' shipping containers

20+ available near Sugar Land, TX

10 foot shipping containers


Size: 10′ shipping container

Weight: Approximately 2,670 pounds 

Length: 10 feet

Width: 250

Height: 247

Condition: Used & new both available

Rear Door: Swing 

Flooring: Wood/Steel

19 available near Sugar Land, TX

20 foot storage containers

Size: 20′ storage container

Weight: Approximately 5,010 pounds 

Length: 20 ft

Width: 250

Height: 129

Condition: Used & new both available

Rear Door: Swing 

Floor: Steel/Wood

20' shipping containers

20+ available near Sugar Land, TX

Buy 45 foot shipping containers

Size: 45′ shipping container

Weight: Approximately 9,000 pounds 

Length: 45 feet

Width: 400

Height: 86

Condition: Used & new both available

Rear Door: Swing 

Flooring: Wood 

4 available near Sugar Land, TX

Buy 24 foot storage containers

Size: 24′ shipping container

Weight: Approximately 5,025 pounds 

Length: 24 ft

Width: 250

Height: 189

Condition: Used & new both available

Rear Door: Swing 

Floor: Wood

24 foot storage container

2 available near Sugar Land, TX

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FAQ for Sugar Land shipping container sales

Are you in Sugar Land, Texas, and looking to purchase a shipping container? 

Whether you need wind and water tight containers, used containers, or cargo-worthy (CW) options, our shipping container inventory will work for you!

How Can I Acquire Used Shipping Containers in Sugar Land?

To purchase a previously owned shipping container in Sugar Land, Texas, simply submit your information on our website. We’ll connect you with reputable suppliers in the area who will provide you with a selection of quality containers. Choose the one that best fits your requirements.

What Kinds of Shipping Containers Are Offered in Sugar Land, Texas?

A wide variety of shipping containers are available in Sugar Land, including the commonly sought-after 20 and 40-foot units as well as customized solutions. Local vendors in the Harris county are equipped to meet all your specific container needs.

Are Delivery Services Available for Shipping Containers in Sugar Land, TX?

Yes, delivery services are widely available for Sugar Land and surrounding areas within Texas. Ensure to discuss and confirm delivery arrangements and fees with the sellers.

Can I Inspect the Shipping Container Prior to Purchase in Sugar Land?

You are certainly encouraged to inspect any shipping container prior to purchase, especially if it’s a used one. Coordinate with the seller in Sugar Land to schedule an inspection.

What Are the Key Factors When Choosing a Shipping Container in Sugar Land, Texas?

Consider the size, condition, and any specific modifications you might need for the shipping container. It’s also crucial to understand the logistics of delivery and setup in Sugar Land, as well as ensuring you comply with local Harris county regulations and permit requirements.

Is a Permit Necessary for Shipping Containers in Sugar Land, TX?

Permit requirements may vary based on the container’s use and the specific location within Sugar Land or Harris county. Always verify with local authorities to ensure compliance with all regulations.

What Steps Should I Follow to Find Portable Storage Containers in Sugar Land?

Begin by detailing your requirements, including size, condition, and customization needs, on our website. Sellers from the Sugar Land, Texas area will then reach out with their proposals for you to choose from.

Who Can I Contact for Further Information About Shipping Containers in Sugar Land, Texas?

If you need additional assistance or have more questions regarding the acquisition of shipping containers in Sugar Land, Texas, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. We are here to guide you through the process and ensure a smooth transaction.

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